Engineering Topography

Engineering Topography encompasses the measurements carried out for the design, construction, and operation of buildings.

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Technical-topographic studies consisting of creating the supporting topographic network and obtaining the documentation required for the design of engineering objectives.

Topo-engineering design, including:

  • Topographic preparation for the field application of the project.
  • Design of the layout network.
  • Calculation of layout elements.
  • Horizontal and vertical systematization problem-solving (surface and volume calculation).

    On-site project layout.

  • Materialization of the layout topographic network.
  • Layout of axes and main points of the construction.
  • Detailed layout (foundation, masonry, contour points, etc.).
  • Layout for equipment installation.

    Topographic observations aimed at monitoring the behavior of the works over time (displacements, deformations, layouts).